A Brilliant Idea in the Beauty Industry


Beauty in a Vending Machine is a unique and creative way to offer hair extension products to willing buyersThere are vending machines for almost every type of product you can think of in the marketplace today. Such products range from soda, snacks, candy bars, bottled water, and even some small toys. Yet, a very unique approach to the vending machine space, is offering beauty products to willing buyers. Diamond Dynasty does it perfectly, in a one-of-a-kind, attractive package, beauty products such as hair extensions are a unique offering and the market is responding. Beauty

The urge to improve the physical appearance is a major factor driving the hair wigs and extensions market worldwide. The rise in income levels has pushed people to increase spending on personal grooming and beauty products, which, in turn, is boosting the end-user confidence to invest in personal grooming, which includes hair wigs and extensions. Beauty

 Customer Experience and Point-of-Purchase Beauty

Hair wigs and extensions are mainly sold through online and retail distribution channels. The products are also available to end-users through online shopping websites as well as online direct-to-consumer stores. There is an emerging trend of promoting wigs and hair extensions on social media platforms. These platforms have also integrated shopping capabilities, which allow influencers and hairstylists to sell wigs and extensions online. Vendors in countries such as the US and the UK primarily sell their products in dedicated beauty stores and general online marketplace platforms. The sale of hair wigs and extensions through retail stores and fashion stores have always been the norm across the globe. Beauty

Diamond Dynasty has taken a unique approach toward the beauty products industry and created a customer experience, with a point-of-purchase strategy that rivals that of traditional retail stores. With our fast-paced lives, point-of-purchase locations are more on our minds than ever before. The need to get things conveniently and fast is what customers demand in a fast-paced society, in addition, point-of-purchase locations that do the opposite, that is, offer a longer-buying experience, with a more complicated buying process, is inconvenient for the busy professional, or busy person in general and this is where point of purchase is important. Beauty

Vending Machine Placement Strategy Beauty

Aside from the fact that vending machines can be placed almost anywhere, the most desirable location to place a vending machine is where there is lots of traffic. This is a key selling point, especially if the objective is to gain a large volume of customers who are willing to pay for your products.

Here are several places for an effective vending machine placement strategy: Beauty

  1. Hotels Beauty

On average, hotels are among the most profitable vending locations, and operators are always happy to have them as a customer. The very nature of hotels makes them an ideal vending customer due to the amount of foot traffic hotels receive on a monthly basis. Placement strategy can also go up a notch, luxury, high-end hotels are also very attractive markets. With a wealthier demographic as potential customers, the chances increase to make more profit, or to sell products at a premium price.

  1. Malls Beauty

With tremendous amounts of foot traffic malls receive on a yearly basis, the chances to make money is even greater. Vending machines can be placed along corridors, walkways, and even some stores within the mall. Since vending machines are visual products, placing them in areas where they will stand out is advantageous and crucial.

  1. Independent Stores Beauty

If some stores are willing to take you on, placing a vending machine within their store can also be a good business strategy. This can help drive business for the independent store owner while at the same time drive business for yourself.

  1. Cruise Ships Beauty

People go on vacations every year and many more of them go on cruise ships. Cruise ships are a huge market for vending machine placement, especially near areas of the ship where the salons and hair grooming services are located. Foreign and domestic travelers alike will take note of the vending machines and be immediately attracted by the color and products inside.

 Hair Extensions for a Niche Market Beauty

Beauty and hair products cater mainly to the female demographic and thus working with a subset of a market can be challenging. But that does not mean it can’t be rewarding, it indeed can. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. Usually, a niche market can be dominated by one or few players within the same industry and products like hair extensions can indeed dominate a market. Diamond Dynasty has proven this fact with state-of-the-art point-of-purchase technology that delivers hair products in a seamless, and quick process through the press of a button and with an easy upfront payment of cash or card. This portable system rivals retail store models and places them in a position to compete against “a portable retail store.” The market responds to products and services that are unique, different, and that offer a buying experience that is unmatched anywhere else, and that is what Diamond Dynasty offers. Beauty

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