Hair Extension Care: Tips for Healthy Hair


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After you’ve bought your hair extensions, it’s time to take care of them. Taking proper care of your hair extensions is important and is something you should consider. If you neglect your hair, you’ll see very quickly they start to lose their color and vibrancy. That means spending more time and money buying new ones, to avoid this situation and maintain your extensions, you will need to follow these tips:

  1. Brushing Hair Extensions

Combing your hair is one of the most crucial parts of the maintenance and after care. It may not seem as important but if you don’t brush your strands regularly, you will experience matting and tangling. That means your extensions will not look good and will quickly become unwearable. When you brush hair extensions, a double row steel tooth comb is always better than a plastic or wooden one. These are known to damage hair strands.You can brush your extensions while hair is wet or dry. The process is very similar and interchangeable. General rules are to be very gentle and careful. You should under no circumstance brush aggressively or pull on the strands! This can lead to damage on both the extensions and your natural locks.

  1. Hair Extensions Tangling and Shedding

Extensions tangle, no matter how expensive or high-quality they are. Just as with your regular hair, especially on messy hair days, your hair can have a mind of its own. But there are ways to reduce and prevent tangles from messing up your hair.

The same goes for shedding, your natural hair sheds about 100 strands a day. Even though extensions are attached to a weft, when you brush through them, wash them, or style them, they are going to shed at least a little bit. Therefore, any extensions whether they’re clip in or the ones that you have bonded in your hair, they all have a lifespan and it’s anywhere from three months to a year or longer. It depends on how you wear them, style them, and wash them.

To prevent or minimize shedding, you shouldn’t use many products or wash your hair often, this will preserve the lifespan of the strands.

  1. Dyeing and Curling Hair Extensions

If you wish to dye or curl your hair extensions, it is recommended that the extensions be real human hair and not synthetic, because synthetic hair can be damaged in this way. If your hair is not matching the extensions color, you can instead dye your natural locks. This is a much easier and safer thing to do and you don’t have to worry about ruining your extensions. You can get advice about what hair color to use from your stylist.

Curing or straightening your locks should be done as little as possible if you have extensions. Mostly because the heat could damage them over time. But occasional use of hot tools should be fine and it’s actually a good way to blend in your extensions better. Matching the texture of your natural strands will result in a seamless mix and nobody will ever notice that you have extensions.

  1. Washing Hair Extensions

How do you know when to wash your extensions? The most logical answer is probably when they look dirty or when they start to smell bad, this is partly true for most people, but despite what you might think, you should wash your extensions very rarely. The reason why you wash your natural hair so often is oils that come from the roots of the hair and make it greasy. Extensions don’t have a scalp so there’s nothing that makes them oily or dirty. That happens only if you a lot of products on it.

Wait 24-48 hours after fusion attachment before wetting them to ensure proper adherence. You should get shampoo everywhere, especially around your scalp area where the braids are. Scrub lightly in order to make it perfectly greasy-free and clean. Because of the braids and extensions, the scalp area may be hard to reach but if you wait for a couple of moments, the shampoo will get in there. Don’t forget to wash your ends as well. Rinse thoroughly because shampoo residue can have the same effect as dirty hair. Saltwater and chlorine can also damage your extensions, so protect them under a swim cap if you are going to the beach or the pool.

The recommended agent to use for washing hair extensions is high quality, mild shampoo. You should be careful when choosing which products to use because some of them might not be right. Anything that has a lot of different chemicals or is very harsh on the hair is not good. The more natural the shampoo is, the better. You want something that will moisture and revive, as well as give shine to the hair. A good example of mild shampoo is baby shampoo.

  1. Drying and Styling Hair Extensions

After the washing process, it’s then time to dry the hair. To best preserve your hair extensions, it is best to let them air dry naturally, but sometimes there may not be time for that, in which case, using a blow dyer on a low temperature setting is ideal.

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