How To Sell More Hair Extensions to Customers

Sell More Hair Extensions

More and more women are turning to hair extensions for many different reasons, they include the desire to enhance their physical appearance, a confidence boost, or to hide any imperfections in their hair. As a beauty professional or entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this trend and finding the right customers using the right strategies.

Stock the Hottest Styles

Sell More Hair Extensions – Styles are always changing and so are customers’ needs. What is trending this week can be out of style next month, if you aren’t constantly updating your inventory, you could fall behind on opportunities that are costing time and money. Keeping a boring, out-of-fashion selection of products is not a good strategy and will affect sales in a negative way. A good way to keep yourself up to date is to check other stores for their best-selling products, or follow extension-wearing celebrities on Instagram, even networking with fashion-inclined people for advice is a good option too. Sell More Hair Extensions

Doing these things will help you keep your finger on the wave of the hottest trends. When you stock the styles people want, you’ll sell hair extensions off the shelves and off the vending machines too. New and innovative products that are useful and stylish are very appealing to customers, and products such as hair extensions is a very attractive market.

Find the Best Suppliers

The method for making a profit when you sell hair extensions is the same as any other product, you buy low and sell high. If you’re just buying up extensions at beauty supply stores and selling them, your margins are going to suffer. To get the best price, you have to buy wholesale. Wholesalers offer discounted rates if you buy in bulk. But if you are just starting to sell hair extensions, it can feel intimidating to buy in bulk. How can you be sure that you’re not buying more than you can sell?

Here is where supply and demand come into play, doing some market research first is top priority. Know who your customers are, the market size, and the region your business will cover. These things can guide you in the right direction as to how much product to buy. Sell More Hair Extensions

Use Social Media

If you want to sell hair extensions, you need to go where the customers are. Which means launching social media campaigns and advertising. These days, almost everyone has at least one social media profile, and Facebook is one of the most widely used, with nearly 2 billion users across the world. A business Facebook page is a great way to engage with customers and direct traffic to your website. With an easy-to-use interface and photo friendly feed, Instagram makes it easy to show off your hair extensions and build customer engagement.

Especially with the photo-centric experience Instagram offers, displaying products and product descriptions is easy to do. In a society where people are more visual than ever before, eye-catching photos are a good way to get a potential buyer’s attention. Sell More Hair Extensions

Use Content Marketing

Social media is a great strategy, but it’s more than just posting photos. Users hate content that sounds too sales-oriented, being too pushy can cause users to scroll past your post, or even unfollow you. Instead, use content marketing.

In content marketing, you’re not trying to sell anything. You’re just trying to create interesting content that customers will want to share. That might seem like a waste of time. You shouldn’t neglect content marketing, each post might not bring in any revenue, but as these posts are shared, they increase brand awareness.

Customers are more willing to purchase through a company they already know. Content marketing can help build that recognition before they even make their first purchase. You can use content marketing to show off your hair extension products.

Get Physical

Online shopping has completely changed the way we do business. Most sellers are completely bypassing the overhead of running a brick and mortar and moving all of their business online. Unfortunately, this opened the door to a lot of shady dealers to sell hair extensions that aren’t worth the money. Because of these rip offs, a lot of customers don’t have much confidence buying extensions online with no assurance of their quality. Sell More Hair Extensions

Your customers need to be sure that they aren’t wasting their hard-earned money on a sub-par product. Put their minds at ease by letting your customers see the physical product in person. You don’t need to have your own brick and mortar location to do that. Sell More Hair Extensions

Especially with the vending machine model, Diamond Dynasty is built on, you can contact local salons to see if they’d be interested in displaying some of your hair extensions. Some might even be willing to sell them on consignment right from their shop. Sell More Hair Extensions

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