The Hair Extension Industry

Hair Extension Industry

A Self-Perception of Beauty. A person’s hair is one of the most critical elements that are responsible for the self-perception of beauty. This fact applies to both men and women. When a person does not have the hairstyle that they want, then it can lead to a potential drop in their self-esteem.

Women are especially sensitive to this part of their self-image. When hair loss occurs for a woman, they can spend endless hours trying to hide the problem as a way to maintain their self-esteem. It is here where the hair extension industry can become extremely valuable. H Hair Extension Industryair Extension Industry

Hair extensions are a common practice among a wide variety of women. Not only are they more accessible and affordable, they have become nearly undetectable. The majority of the time people will not know a woman is wearing hair extensions until she tells them, and this is one of the reasons why women find hair extensions so attractive. Hair Extension Industry

Hair is an identity marker for a person, it’s part of a person’s personality, that if without it, we would feel weird and out of place. This is especially true of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Dealing with hair loss
Hair extensions are generally used recreationally, but they can also be useful in other areas such as post-chemotherapy. Most of us take our health and beauty for granted until something happens that makes you reevaluate your life. You may never have realized how precious your hair is to you until you start seeing loose pieces or notice bald spots as a result of going through chemotherapy treatment. While some people deal with hair loss very well, for many, it can be very distressing. Chemotherapy causes hair loss because as well as targeting cancer cells, the drugs also destroy some healthy cells, including cells in the roots of the hair. This prevents regrowth for a temporary period, as well as causing the hair to fall out. You may experience hair loss all over your body.

No matter how mentally prepared you are for hair loss when it comes to finding hair on your pillow or your brush, it can be very upsetting. Even if you know that you’re going to lose your hair, when it actually happens, it can be difficult to process. For many people, the hair is part of their identity and losing it knocks their confidence. When you look in the mirror, and you don’t look like you anymore, this can be tough to take, especially when you’re going through treatment, you’re worried about the future, and you’re trying to cope with other side-effects.

Are Hair Extensions an Option?

Although chemotherapy usually causes temporary hair loss, it can take a long time for the hair to grow back, and if you’re used to having long, flowing locks, you may not want to hang around waiting for your natural hair to grow. Hair Extension Industry

If you have been through chemotherapy and you’re desperate to have long, healthy, glossy hair again, one option you may consider is hair extensions. You can’t have extensions during treatment, but once your hair starts to grow back, it is possible to have extensions fitted to add length and body. Most salons will offer extensions once the hair has reached about 4-5 inches in length.

Hair extensions can be made from natural human hair, and the difference they can make is amazing, especially if your lack of hair has been getting you down. Many people say that they feel like their old self again and their new hair gives them a confidence boost. Hair loss can be an outward sign of cancer, and for some, having healthy, shiny hair makes them feel like a normal person again.

The Benefits of Hair Extensions After Chemotherapy Treatment

You may not even give styling your hair a second thought when you’re in a rush to get out of the door, but the reality is that most of us would miss our hair terribly if it suddenly started to fall out. Your hair can make you look and feel great, and without it, you may feel like you don’t look or feel like you anymore. Although it’s prevalent for the hair to grow back after chemotherapy, it can take a long time for the hair to reach the length you had it before the start of treatment. Many people also find that their hair is completely different when it starts to grow back. For some, the hair feels wiry, and it’s a lot curlier that it was before, and for others, it may be completely straight when they had curly hair before. The color may also vary. Hair extensions give you the opportunity to enjoy thicker, longer hair much faster. A few hours in the salon can provide you with gorgeous, glossy hair that would have taken months to grow. The hair that is used for extensions is usually much healthier than your natural hair following treatment, as chemo hair loss can make the hair thinner and more brittle than normal. Hair Extension Industry

Having hair extensions will have an incredible impact on your look, but most importantly, it can also boost your confidence. After weeks or months of treatment, you may be feeling depressed, and you’re probably not feeling as confident about your appearance as you did before chemotherapy. New hair can give you back your confidence and enable you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.