Virgin Hair Franchise – A Simpler Approach

Since 2010, Diamond Dynasty has created virgin hair products that can last up to two years with proper care. Six years after its inception, the brand developed custom vending machines to satisfy the increasing demand for high-quality products. Now, this successful hair company is looking for motivated entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. This virgin hair franchise opportunity includes the business plan, rights to the branding, and an attractive vending machine that is sure to dazzle passersby. Diamond Dynasty’s company mission is to make every person feel beautiful. They fulfill this goal through their quality product line, outstanding customer care, and pursuit of innovation.

Virgin Hair Franchise

Virgin Hair Franchise

Innovating the Beauty Space

Beauty shops across the world are known for carrying anything and everything from hair products to the hair itself. Wigs, extensions, heating tools— all of these and more are available to take care of customers’ hair care needs. However, it’s difficult to begin a hair extension franchise without incurring high operation costs. Beauty shops usually franchise hair products by establishing brick-and-mortar stores that require utilities, staff, extensive training hours, and rent prices. Diamond Dynasty makes it easy to open up a virgin hair franchise with minimal costs and high profits.

Why Diamond Dynasty?

Diamond Dynasty is rapidly expanding their hair extension empire. The brand has changed the culture of the hair industry; their knowledge and accomplishments make them one of the best brands in the space. Thanks to years of expertise in the field and ample product offering, many are looking to invest in this incredibly rewarding franchise opportunity. Attracting customers is as easy as choosing a strategic space to establish a Diamond Dynasty vending machine! To those interested in their very own hair extension franchise, brand studies have shown that placing beauty vending machines in high traffic areas like shopping malls or around nail salons is a sure way to increase revenue. Since potential customers are already primed for shopping, they’re more likely to make additional purchases.

Different from physical beauty shops, a Diamond Dynasty virgin hair franchise allows the customer to make their own decisions regarding their purchase. With the usage of mobile payment apps compatible with any operating system, interactive vending machines that show up to 15 feet shelf space stocked with merchandise, and an easy-to-use interface to complete purchases, customers enjoy the no-nonsense buying process. Customers of this virgin hair franchise have total control of their product choices, and even the most casual hair extension user can pick the right tresses for them!

The Convenience of a Vending Machine

To the average consumer, it can be frustrating to order extensions online and wait for them to ship. Likewise, walking into a beauty shop for a consultation and subsequent purchase can often take a long time, as well as attach a higher price than customers anticipated due to pressure from salespeople wanting to sell the most luxurious and costly extensions. Diamond Dynasty has made the process of buying virgin hair extensions so much easier: simply walk to the closest Diamond Dynasty vending machine, choose the desired hair, pay, and done! Extensions, wigs, ponytails, clip-ins— customers can enjoy the most varied stock for the most affordable price.

A Truly Turn-Key Business

Diamond Dynasty’s innovative business model makes owning a virgin hair franchise stress-free and seamless for franchisees. There are low start-up costs and maintenance fees, and with the help of market research, owners of a Diamond Dynasty machine can keep track of the most up-to-date inventory and tailor it to their community’s tastes! Customers can also enjoy the buying process because of the convenience this hair extension franchise provides. Equipped with 50” touchscreen doors that display vivid product images with the highest resolution, a Diamond Dynasty virgin hair franchise is sure to catch the eye of shoppers everywhere.

The combination of instant purchase, high-quality products at an affordable price, and easy buying process from start to finish make opening a Diamond Dynasty virgin hair franchise an unquestionable decision! Franchisees can capitalize on an incredible business opportunity in an industry that has seen global growth of up to 9% in the past three years thanks to celebrity endorsements, aesthetic changes worldwide, and increasingly affordable virgin hair extensions. Customers can benefit from having a virgin hair franchise within their own community where they can pop in and out with a new purchase in record time. Franchising hair products has never been an easier venture!

Join the Family Today!

Diamond Dynasty is one of the best turn-key businesses around. Its high profit margin, low maintenance requirements, and exceptional product line make them a formidable company in the industry. Through an ever-growing customer base and rapid, nationwide expansions, franchisees can expect recognition as soon as they open their very own Diamond Dynasty hair extension franchise.