Virgin Hair Vending Machine

Virgin Hair Vending Machine – A Brief Introduction of Virgin Hair

Virgin hair extensions are made from hair that hasn’t been through any sort of chemical process to treat or change its properties. Virgin hair is collected from a single donor and can be turned into separate extensions or turned into a full wig ready to install. The versatility, high quality, and body and shine that come with virgin hair extensions are unparalleled when compared to artificial hair. When looking for premium extensions, virgin hair offers the most reward for your money due to never being permed, dyed, nor exposed to harmful bleaching.

Of course, with premium quality comes a premium price, which is why artificial hair is sometimes preferred when working with a tight budget. Synthetic hair usually maintains styles for longer and can be sold in different cut styles or dyed in eye-catching colors and for a fraction of the price. However, virgin hair extensions almost always win out against artificial hair when comparing their physical properties— body, shine, color, and durability (with the proper care) of virgin hair extensions are remarkable, and worth every penny! Diamond Dynasty makes it easy to become part of the brand, offering franchise opportunities anywhere in the United States.

There are many virgin hair extensions on the market, with most of them coming from Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China, their main difference being how dense the bundles are, as well as their body, shine, and luster. Sourcing virgin hair is no easy task, and Diamond Dynasty strives to provide clients with only the best Brazilian hair bundles on the market. Brazilian hair is incredibly sought after due to the beautiful shine and soft body of the tresses, as well as the staying power they possess to hold curly hairstyles and braided styles as well. When looking for the best virgin hair extensions to invest in, Brazilian extensions are the way to go.

Hair Extensions as a Franchise Opportunity

For the most part, virgin hair extensions can be found in many beauty supply stores, though there are standalone hair/wig shops. These shops usually offer both virgin hair and artificial hair, and all the products and tools necessary to take care of synthetic and human hair wigs and extensions. These shops also have knowledgeable workers that can help you find the hair extensions you need, but they can also try to upsell you so as to get a higher yield, and it’s usually costly to turn these brick-and-mortar stores into franchise opportunities— that’s not the case with Diamond Dynasty.

The Diamond Dynasty brand is taking the world by storm with its entirely new concept for selling virgin hair: vending machines. The ease of placement, accessibility for customers, and low maintenance costs make owning your very own Diamond Dynasty vending machine an incredible franchise opportunity. The Diamond Dynasty franchise opportunity comes in the form of a well-stocked vending machine that can be placed anywhere with high traffic of women looking for affordable, high-quality virgin hair extensions.

Shopping malls, nail salons, beauty supply stores— all primal locations to establish a Diamond Dynasty vending machine and capitalize on this franchise opportunity. After careful observation, it’s clear that Diamond Dynasty franchise opportunities work the best when they’re operated by knowledgeable individuals, which is why all of the training for owners of these machines is put into how to take care of the hair, how the Diamond Dynasty brand works, and why it’s the best brand on the market for virgin hair extensions.

As a whole, the virgin hair market has always been prevalent, in some places more than others. In 2018 the wig industry boasted an incredible $248 million in revenue in the United States alone— a Diamond Dynasty franchise opportunity sounds like a good idea, right? With the demand for higher quality hair on the rise, especially for women in the African American community, there’s ample space for growth. Although African Americans make up only 14% of the population in the United States, African American women make up a whopping 85% of hair extension sales.

With celebrity endorsements such as rapper Rasheeda, the Diamond Dynasty brand is a sure way to gain popularity in the community. As a franchise opportunity, it’s low-cost and low-maintenance, but incredibly high-reward. Affordable, beautiful, high-quality extensions are a woman’s dream. Being able to buy them anywhere and without hassle makes for an incredibly attractive public ready to help you capitalize on this franchise opportunity.

Considering becoming part of the Diamond Dynasty family? Contact us! Gorgeous, luscious, affordable Brazilian hair bundles are only one franchise opportunity away.