Why Diamond Dynasty is Leading the Hair Extension Industry

Hair is natural element of life, and is highly diverse from one person to the next. Its uniqueness relies on length, texture, colors, whether it is straight or curly, but most importantly, the way it can be styled! In addition to products that help clean and improve the health of hair, there has been a huge growth in the beauty industry for hair products. Among these, the most popular are wigs, hair and eyelash extensions, and a plethora of tools and accessories to maintain it. With longstanding brands that have catered to specific markets, one revolutionary concept is changing the haircare industry: Diamond Dynasty.


Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair

Traditionally, hair care is bound to having to make appointments at a salon and spending a good chunk of your day there. Not only is this cost-and-time absorbing, it also meant last-minute alterations were nearly impossible to secure. In 2014, entrepreneur Raquel Brown launched the first Diamond Dynasty Vending Machine in Greensboro, NC. Raquel stocked her machine with boutique-quality hair products that allow customers to bypass timely salon lines and online ordering. All of Diamond Dynasty’s hair products are sourced from 100% virgin hair.


What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is hair that has not been processed with perms, dyes, or any other chemicals, resulting in healthier hair that is both stronger and durable at retaining color and shine. By sourcing high-quality virgin hair, our wigs look more realistic. They also allow us to create vibrant designs using vivid colors for our wigs, making them a better alternative than potentially damaging your own hair to achieve the same effects. If maintained and cared for properly, our wigs can last you up to two years before they begin to lose their luster! Using virgin hair for our products is the reason why Diamond Dynasty is becoming the fastest growing specialist in hair extensions and hair care products.


Our Diamond-Standard Inventory

Diamond Dynasty offers a wide selection of products sourced from virgin hair to keep your looking at your best! We recognize how diversity plays a hand when it comes to beauty, which is why we offer nine different sources for virgin hair for perfect compatibility with your hair, including: Brazilian, Filipino, Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, Mongolian, Cambodian, Eurasian, and Burmese. From there, you can choose from over 26 wave patterns that will enhance your beauty and boost your confidence! Products include wigs, clip-ins, lace/silk frontals and closures, and mink hair/lashes. We also offer premium hair care products such as weave protectants, shampoos, conditioners, curling creams, sealers, turbans, and irons. Diamond Dynasty allows customers to save money by purchasing our bundles, which include multiple virgin hair extensions and hair irons!


Diamond Dynasty Vending Machines

One of the biggest reasons why Diamond Dynasty is surging past the competition because of their revolutionary business model that utilizes the convenience of vending machines. Established in locations with high foot traffic, Diamond Dynasty is rolling out a fleet of new vending machines. Each unit is equipped with a large touchscreen that displays all of the products inside with a user-friendly P.O.S. interface. Our vending machines allow our clients to skip hours of waiting at a hair salon or the days if they were to order products online. With options to pay cash or use a debit or credit cards, obtaining boutique-quality hair products has never been easier!


Reputation Backed by the Best in the Biz

Products should always speak for themselves, but when they can’t that’s what endorsers are for. Diamond Dynasty is backed by Rasheeda, a prominent rapper and a successful businesswoman in her own right. She owns her own makeup line, Poiz Cosmetics, and an apparel and accessory store, Pressed Boutique, based in Atlanta, GA. With multiple ventures in operation, it’s no question that Rasheeda has a prominent voice within the fashion industry. That’s why her endorsement of Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair products speak volume in both her expertise, and her enthusiasm and confidence of Diamond Dynasty’s potential to become a leading provider of boutique-quality hair products. With over nine million followers on Instagram, Rasheeda graciously features our products on her page, premiering new releases to her followers and showing all the ways Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair can be styled.


Franchise a Diamond Dynasty Vending Machine

Our other contributor to Diamond Dynasty’s growth is our franchise opportunities! Franchising a Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair Vending Machine is the perfect business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to own their first business venture. The initial investment is very affordable and provides you with a complete, hands-off turnkey opportunity to help you hit the ground running! The investment includes a high-end vending machine, starting inventory, and the support necessary to reduce the risks commonly associated with business ownership. If you’re interested being your own boss and believe in Diamond Dynasty’s potential to dominate the market, contact Franchise Creator today!